Join us at Connect… Canada’s Pet Trade Expo. Celebrating and promoting the growth of the Canadian pet industry with manufacturers, specialty pets live, distributors and more. A business to business show like no other.

Coming May 15-16, 2024

Niagara Falls Convention Centre

Let's Connect.

As a Canadian hosted event, Connect Canada's Pet Trade Expo is proud to showcase the thriving pet industry in Canada, which is known for its love of animals and commitment to their welfare. Canada boasts a vibrant community of pet retailers, manufacturers, distributors, specialty pet breeders and service providers, all of whom contribute to the growth and innovation of the industry. Join us! Let's Connect!


A pet trade event celebrating the Canadian pet industry hosted and created with a team that is 100% built with individuals and vendors from the Canadian Pet Industry.

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Louis McCann

Past President & CEO, PIJAC Canada

“I have known Grant Crossman for over twenty-five years. Through these years, I have witnessed his strong resolve towards fostering a more responsible pet parent experience, fed by a unified and responsible pet industry. Adding Rodger Salm to the CPE team further supports the determination to achieve these two objectives.

As they embark on the creation of another event, aimed at unifying the pet industry, I wish them the best of success and look forward to their new “pet”project also known as the Connect Pet Trade Expo.
I wish them all the best and much success in their new endeavor”. The Canadian Pet Industry needs this makeover. I believe this new event will do just that. “

Meera Brown

Owner, Smoochy Poochy

"The Pet Industry has grown so much over the years but in some ways has stalled. The Connect Pet Trade event is an exciting addition to the industry for everyone involved or looking to be involved in the Canadian Pet Industry.

Bringing all the pet segments under one roof will help to complete efforts in bringing back an energy of supporting the community as vendor and supporting the industries continued growth.

It is exciting to see the new opportunities ahead for the

pet industry"

Gord Walker

President, Walker & Associates

“ I have known Grant and Yvonne Crossman a long time attending the Canadian Pet Expo Shows as an exhibitor for many years . Rodger Salm is no stranger to the pet industry having headed up Pet Retail Marketing for many years .
This dynamic group with their combined skill set will result in making their newest venture successful . They listen , adapt and execute which is a winning formula. All the Best in the future I am excited for this ! “

Stacey Desnoyers

Astro Loyalty

" We are very excited to be able to partner wtih Connect! I believe they are going to be a breath of fresh air for the Pet Professionals in Canada.

We need to bring more support, more networking, more collaboration to the Industry and Connect will help "connect" all of those dots.

I saw first hand what they are capable of creating for the Consumer side of this business, nothing short of amazing! I look forward to seeing the benefits for the Business side of it.

Counting down the days to Niagara Falls in May! Hope to see you there!

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